Mission Statement:
A Better You Wellness was founded with the clear goal of providing an environment focused on YOU. We believe that we are in the people business. Recovery is just what we do.
A better you wellness

A Company Built Unlike Any Other

From day 1 we knew that ABY would be different, We decided early that we were running a marathon, not sprints. We knew that at the end of the day all that mattered was Making Days.

A dedicated recovery facility was not the first iteration of A Better You, what started with the idea of opening a franchise to personal training, landed us with the realization that there was a huge need for recovery focused services. We heard about Cryotherapy and had the chance to try it. After that we knew what we wanted to do. Recovery is often overlooked, most often due to time restrictions, so we went looking for the best technologies to achieve the goal of quick effective  recovery.



Starting out we knew we wanted to have Float Pods and a Cryo Machine. Normatec was an easy choice it seemed so simple yet the amazing results have made it one of the most popular services we offer.

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It was a good time in the early days to check emails. Every other day it seemed we were getting emails about everything from magnetic field mats to Red Light Therapy and that 's how we learned of Infrared Saunas and the incredible benefits they can provide, and with -250° in Cryo something hot just made sense. Local Cryo was the perfect way to round out our collection of services adding Local Cryo allows for maximum inflammation reduction in the shortest time possible.

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