What is Floating?
Float tanks are the perfect way to help your mind and your body recover. You will float in about 10 inches of water with 900 pounds of epsom salt, making you feel weightless and giving your body a chance to truly relax. Unlike any other experience, the float tank creates an environment that allows you to disconnect from the mental and physical stresses of every day life.
Sensory Deprivation

Without the need to pay attention to changing stimuli, keep yourself vertical, navigate traffic, or have a conversation (unless with yourself), resources which are otherwise devoted to these and other tasks are free for use in problem solving, creative exploration, learning, or simply meditation, rest, and relaxation.

Body Effects

The body has an opportunity to reset and realign itself, and it is common for neck, back, and joints to pleasantly pop during a float. Blood pressure reduces as the body moves away from physical tension related to the “fight or flight” instinct and enters its natural state of rest.


With 94 degree water and 900lbs of Epsom salt we can achieve massively beneficial decompression in the hips, back and shoulders.


The most consistent and widely experienced effect of floating is a sense of deep, lasting relaxation. Dealing with problems at work, home, and in the wider world can cause us to lose sight of the beauty and positivity that life offers in every moment. Floating is a way to pause all of these stressors  and provide the mind and body a needed space for relief and reflection.


Imagine your mind being cleared of its clutter and all of its mundane housekeeping put on hold. With this space suddenly free for other brain activity, you are able to focus on whatever you please. This allows you to deepen your perspective on any topic, concentrating on solutions to problems or new ideas.

  • Open Sore/Wound
  • Closterphobia
  • Must be able to get in and out of pod under own power.

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